Supply List » 1/2 Combo

1/2 Combo

Mrs. Cannon’s Combo Class Supply List


  • 12 pack of Ticonderoga pencils* (presharpened is super helpful!)
  • 1 box of Crayola crayons
  • 1 box Crayola colored pencils
  • 4-6 glue sticks*
  • 2 bottom pocket folders (labeled)
  • 1 pencil box (8” x 5”)
  • 2 pink erasers
  • 4 FINE TIP white board markers*
  • 2 regular white board marker in fun colors*
  • 1 black Sharpie*
  • 2 Highlighters, any color*
  • 1 pair scissors (Fiskers pointed tip is usually best. These don’t have to be new) -Backpack (labeled)


-PE Shoes:  (labeled) Please do not send tie shoes if your child doesn’t know how to tie shoes yet!  Also, these do not need to be new, but they need to be clean!   


-PE Socks: for those days when your child wears sandals to school


-2 Class sized snacks*   


 Optional, but super nice to have:

-Headphone/Earbuds- we have some in the class, but if you don’t want your child sharing them, I would suggest they bring their own pair.


- Extra Snacks, Disinfectant Wipes, Ziploc bags, large Post-it Notes, Extras

Dry Erase Markers,


Please label all backpacks, supplies, coats, gloves, etc. to help avoid confusion in the classroom. There are some great resources online for washable/dishwasher safe labels. (Supplies marked with * don’t need to be labeled as they are community supplies)   Check out:   or
Looking forward to next year!