Supply List » Mrs. McKeehan's 2nd/3rd Grade

Mrs. McKeehan's 2nd/3rd Grade

Mrs. McKeehan’s 2nd/3rd Grade Classroom Supply List 2023-2024:


*Supplies do not have to be brand new. Gently used that work well are just fine.

 1 - 8” x 5” supply box
 Headphones or earbuds for Chromebooks (please label or attach a label to the cord)
 12 - #2 Ticonderoga brand pencils * (presharpened is very helpful)
 8-12 glue sticks *
 Scissors made for school (pointed tip preferred, please get appropriate size for their
little hands)
 1 box of Crayola crayons (24 count) - Crayon storage container is provided
 1 box of Crayola colored pencils – 12 or 24 (Twistables, if possible. This helps avoid the
need to frequently sharpen colored pencils.)
 Fine point Crayola Washable Markers (10 pack) (OPTIONAL)
 2-3 dry erase markers (fine tip only)
 2-4 pink pearl erasers (label) Please no pencil toppers
 3 Highlighters (any color)
 1 pack of Post-it notes
 1 wide-ruled composition notebook
 6 wide-ruled spiral notebooks (3 green covers and 3 blue covers)
 1 box of snack size Ziploc bags
 Backpack (no wheels)
 1 spill proof plastic water bottle with their name – Please no metal bottles.
 I bottle of foaming anti-bacterial hand soap (not sanitizer)
 Deodorant (This will stay in their locker)
 Clean tennis shoes P.E., Velcro or Slip-ons recommended if your child cannot tie their
shoes. These do not have to be new. (Please no sandals or flip flops)
 Class Snack *– Students can bring their own healthy snack but we also welcome
snacks that can be shared with the class. (Ex: fruit snacks/roll ups,
fig/cereal/Nutrigrain bars, pretzels, crackers, granola bars, goldfish, graham crackers,
popcorn, etc.) Individually packaged snacks would be helpful. There is a snack area
with multiple choices for each child.


PLEASE LABEL ALL OF YOUR CHILD’S ITEMS. Items that are for replenishing during the year
will be stored in a baggie with their name on it.


*Indicates community items (please do not put your child’s name on them)
- Some items may need replenished during the year

# Extra items for donation: * disinfectant wipes, * foaming antibacterial hand soap,
*bathroom size Dixie cups, * Ticonderoga pencils, *crayons, *highlighters, * fine-tip dry erase
markers, * glue sticks, * Ziploc bags – snack, sandwich/quart or gallon, * baby wipes, * snacks