Community Service

Community Service Hours


A student who plans to further their education after their high school experience, or students who plan to enter the workforce are in need of a well-rounded experience during their high school years. Only requiring students to complete academic requirements to receive a diploma at Pomeroy High School does the student and our community a disservice. Students can learn so much more by interacting with community members in need or helping organizations help others by volunteering their time. Service to one’s community is an important aspect of life and education as described by President Obama. Our students deserve the opportunity to learn from this type of experience even if they would not choose it on their own.


Therefore we propose that students from Pomeroy High School be required to serve their community as part of their graduation requirement. Students attending post-secondary education opportunities would be more competitive for scholarships with more community service hours as part of their service to their community. Students not furthering their education but entering the workforce would benefit from determining what type of job they may want or not want. As an added benefit, working for and with community organizations can be a positive addition to a resume. All, students and community members, will benefit from this requirement as we become closer as a community when we serve each other.


Community service provides an important opportunity for civic engagement.  It is an integral part of a well-rounded education.  Through civic engagement, students are provided an opportunity to learn from community members and organizations that support the community.  These interactions prepare students to become active citizens.  Both the community and the student benefit as the student learns to serve others as well as how community members and organizations serve and support students while in the school system. A student who attends Pomeroy High School 9th – 12th grade will serve forty (40) total hours of community service to be completed by their senior year.  A minimum of five (5) hours must be completed each year, with a maximum of fifteen (15) hours to be completed in one year.  Students can earn hours by working with a community organization listed below.  All students are required to turn in hours within 30 days of serving and must serve in the community of Pomeroy for pre-approved community organization listed on our website.  Students must complete community service forms and have them signed by the supervisor. If a student would like to acquire community service hours outside of the Pomeroy Community, they must discuss with Administration prior to completing the hours to request permission and must have information on the organization they will be serving.  Organizations in the community may make students aware of community service opportunities by contacting the high school office in advance.  Community organizations not listed who would like to be added to the pre-approved list need to contact administration.  Community Service interactions prepare students to become active citizens; we hope to provide community service that benefits both the community and the student.  The student will learn to serve others and develop relationships with community members and organizations that serve and support students while in the school system.


Community Organizations:


  • Pomeroy Spinners
  • Garfield County Fire Department and Emergency Services
  • Garfield County Foodbank
  • Mount Misery Snow drifters
  • Chamber
  • Gun Club
  • 4H
  • FFA (if not an FFA member)
  • Little League
  • Little Guy Wrestling
  • Little Guy Football
  • Local Churches
  • Garfield County Market Sale Committee
  • Cemetery
  • Friends of the Library
  • Swim Team
  • Pomeroy Booster Club
  • Youth Basketball
  • Pomeroy Golf Course
  • Aging and Disability Resource Center
  • Pomeroy Assist
  • Senior Center
  • Pomeroy Partners Coalition
  • Sheriff’s Office/911
  • Girl Scouts (if not in Girl Scouts)
  • Pomeroy FFA Alumni
  • The Cove
  • Alvin Landkammer Firework Stand

****This is an ongoing list