Supply List » Kindergarten


Mrs. Waldher’s Kindergarten Supply List


1 box of 24 CRAYOLA crayons 

1 pkg of CRAYOLA washable markers, 10 or 12 count

4 Expo white board markers

1 black Sharpie marker
2 bottom-pocket folders (labeled with name)

8 Glue Sticks 

PE Shoes (please don’t purchase tie-shoes if your child can’t tie their shoes)

PE Socks

1 pair of scissors

1 box of Kleenex

1 small pencil/supply box

1 backpack labeled with student’s name
2 boxes of snacks to share with class: goldfish, pretzels, graham crackers, animal crackers, fruit snacks, cereal (sugary kinds are acceptable), etc.

1 beach towel for rest time (blankets will not fit in child’s cubby)

1 Spill-proof water bottle (no twist-off)

1 pump bottle of hand sanitizer (optional)

1 set of headphones/earbuds for iPad use


*Crayons, markers, glue, and scissors can go into the pencil box. * Please try to stick to the list.  All students will have their own a supply drawer/container to put their things in and it can’t fit much more than what is on the list.  THANKS!