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The goal of Pomeroy School District is to provide opportunities for athletic growth in all of our students and community members, while maintaining a safe and secure environment. In order to achieve these goals, it is the expectation of the administration that these rules and expectations are followed by all users. Each of the rules and expectations are to be implemented with each use of the gym, whether it is for a scrimmage, shoot around, practice or other activity.




*The elementary gym is available for students and community members after athletic teams are finished practicing (typically around 5:30-6:00PM when gym sports are in season) until our custodians leave for the evening (around 10:30 PM).


*Gym time and usage needs to be scheduled with Lori Flynn either by phone contact or email (843-1331; [email protected]). The time, date, and user will be added to the district calendar (usage can be scheduled for the same day if available). This calendar is viewed by the janitors and dictates when the front doors will be locked.


*If the gym needs to be used on the weekend, a school employee must let students in. No individual should have a school district key, unless they are currently employed. ***Students or other individuals that do not work for the district cannot be given keys to let themselves in the gym—if this occurs the employee will lose their key.



*The elementary gym is the only gym that will be available for students and community members to use for “open gym” like activities. This includes, but not limited to, AAU basketball, intramural basketball, little league baseball (due to weather), intramural volleyball, and other sports that may require an indoor facility. However, if the wrestling mats are needed, that area of the HS gym can be used.

**Please no street shoes or cleats on the gym floors—all shoes should be free of rocks and debris!


The HS gym is restricted to the use of high school team practices and games under the direction of a coach. This is to ensure the longevity of our gym floor.




*A supervisor must be present AT ALL TIMES—supervisors must be 25 years or older and carry own insurance.

*Students cannot use the gym by themselves—this puts the district and students at risk. Violation of this expectation will result in the inability to use the gym in the future.