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Elementary SIP



2023/2024 School Year Goals to Enhance Student Learning

The classroom teacher and support staff drive instruction for all students in the classroom. Pomeroy Elementary Staff have committed to focusing on the following goals for the 2023-2024 school year:

Goal 1:

Pomeroy educators will collaborate to align curriculum in writing to improve teaching and learning.  Educators will utilize data and self-reflections to improve practices. 

Activities to meet our goal:

  • Grade Band Meetings
  • Staff Meetings twice a month
  • Use science of reading techniques or best practices (What are science of reading techniques and can this carry over to upper elementary? 
  • PD that supports our goal once we have our focus narrowed 

Success indicators:

  • Grade Band share outs based on SMART goals (SMART goal could tie back to TPEP which would align to the district SIP goal)
  • STAR Reading Data (Common Assessment)
  • STAR Math Data (Common Assessment)
  • Review of CBA’s (classroom-based assessments)


Goal 2:            

Pomeroy educators will collaborate as grade bands to implement common structures in an effort to improve teaching and learning.  

Activities to meet Goal:

  • The professional development team will work to create the agenda for all staff to allow time to collaborate on grade band topics such as teaching strategies, student behavior supports, successes, struggles, etc.
  • Staff may dedicate time outside contract hours to meet as teams-weekly or bi-weekly meetings?
  • Staff will implement strategies learned from each other, take time to observe each other so they can best support their kiddos

Success Indicators:


2022-2023 Goals:

Goal 1: All staff will develop knowledge and understanding in the area of Dyslexia so students whom have challenges in the area of reading will be given the support needed to enhance academic growth.

Specific tasks to achieve goals

Goal 1:           

  1. Professional Development time will be dedicated to learning about dyslexia and the challenges this diagnosis brings to our students.
  2. Dedicate collaboration time to share struggles and strategies.
  3. Share literature with staff via email and during meetings.
  4. Implement the dyslexia screener in grades TK-6; dedicate time to review results and of the screening and what indicators students may be displaying.

What was accomplished:

  • Staff engaged in an online training during the school year
  • During PD time on January 20th, time was dedicated to dyslexia
  • Additional resources were purchased to support teachers and students in identifying dyslexia tendencies, as well as interventions to help support student success
  • Staff used the dyslexia screening tool in RenLearn to help identify students that may have dyslexia tendencies


Goal 2: All staff will gain an understanding of the RTI (Response to Intervention Process) and will be able to implement the process with fidelity.

  1. Provide professional development time for staff to review the policy and procedure for the RTI Process
  2. Dedicate collaboration time to ensure students are being provided interventions that align with the RTI process
  3. Schedule and conduct CARE team meetings to monitor students that are in the RTI process

What was accomplished:

  • Staff engaged in professional development on September 15th to review the policy and procedure that supports the RTI process
  • Staff were provided with resources with the protocols for the RTI process
  • CARE team meetings were scheduled to discuss students and to support the intervention process


Goal 3: All staff grades TK-6 will collaborate to align writing expectations and standards so students have a consistent understanding of the writing process throughout grade levels.

1.Review standards for writing in grades TK-6

  1. Identify what aspects of the writing process will be the focus for all grades to monitor
  2. Collaborate amongst grade level bands to gain an understanding of each grade level standard


  • Time was not dedicated specifically to this goal during the 2022-2023 school year


Other PD provided during professional development day in 2022-23:

  • On October 5th, staff was given time to collaborate with each other and support staff to focus on assessment data to prepare for data team meetings the following week
  • PD on January 20th allowed staff an hour of collaboration time, as well as follow-up on Dyslexia and other topics
  • March 1st-staff engaged in PD focusing on Social-Emotional Learning, provided by Sarah Meyers and Pirate Prevention Partners
  • May 10th PD—staff engaged in collaboration discussing a variety of topics, including an instructional plan for the 2023-2024 school year—an hour and half was given to staff to do their own collaboration amongst each other