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Three Year Plan

Pomeroy School District

3 year plan


The following are proposals and all are subject to change.  This plan is to start conversation about the direction of the district in the areas of elementary school, jr/sr high school, facilities and other.  Of course legislative action, enrollment and many other things will have an impact.


  2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022 Beyond
  1. Meet K-3 17:1 Staffing Ratio
  2. Become School-Wide Title 1 Program
  3. Implement new math curriculum
  4. Continue to grow in knowledge and skills for trauma-informed
  5. Support and encourage self-care of staff
  1. Maintain current programs
  2. Integrate Technology-focus on keyboarding skills
  1. Maintain Current Programs
  1. Pass Enrichment Levy
  1. Encourage growth in the CTE Programs
  2. Develop a more comprehensive program for SPED
  3. Align a more comprehensive focus for science
  1. Maintain current program
  1. Maintain current program
  1. Pass Enrichment Levy
  1. Sprinkler system at track and field (in progress)
  2. Bleachers for guest at football field
  1. Elementary Carpet Replacement in stages
  1. Concrete sidewalk repair at the high school
  2. Video Surveillance at all facilities
  1. Playground equipment updates
  2. Front Windows in Elementary
  1. More professional development time for staff-focus on self-care
  2. Technology—clean-up, organize, set goals for district
  3. Continue smart budgeting
  1. Technology updates—replacement of chromebooks
  2. IEP Online
  1. Technology updates