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Senior Project

Senior Project Portfolio Criteria


This is an explanation of what you will be expected to hand in as a group when your Senior Project is completed. Please, read the criteria carefully. This is a professional piece you will present at Senior Exit Interviews. You will need to pass with an 80% or higher to Graduate, and enjoy your five day early release.


Your group will hand in a 3-ring binder. Each binder needs to be in order of the Grading Sheet! Be sure you are keeping track of your work on your project as well as any communication or contact you have with outside people in regard to your project.  Be detail oriented!! All pieces are typed in Times New Roman or Cambria and 12-point Font! I will not accept any papers that do not follow this!  ABSOLUTLY, NO CLASS TIME TO WORK ON THE SENIOR PROJECT ITSELF!


Your binder will include the following sections:


Business Letter to Mrs. Wolf 30 Points DUE June 3, 2019
  1. Telling Mrs. Wolf your Detailed Senior Project
  2. Include what you will accomplish! What you say you are doing you are completing!
  3. Sign it!
  4. This is a contract. If you do not follow this there will be consequences.
  5. Consequences will be a combination of the following: No Five Days, No Graduation, No Diploma

An explanation of the project as a whole. 100 Points DUE ___________

  • Details of the Project: (One – two complete well written paragraphs)
  • Why was this project chosen? (One Complete paragraph)
  • How does it benefit our community? (One complete paragraph)
  • What are the goals of your group? (You need at least 5. Bulleted)
  • This is who is in my group? (Bulleted)
  • This is who we talked to for permission on our project? (Bulleted with phone number)
  • This is our DETAILED plan. (Bulleted)
  • This is our month by month plan. (Bulleted)


Research Section

***You will need to include all sources you use for your research in each part of this section***

-Interviews 60 Points DUE ___________

Individually, you, EACH, need to have three interviews of people who are involved in our community and who have some knowledge of your project, one of which is a school board member. You will develop your own questions for the interviews. As a group you will need to include a copy of those questions along with detailed notes of each interview.  The interviews may be conducted individually or as a group. THESE MUST BE DONE IN PERSON!


-Articles and Informational Sites 60 Points DUE ___________

Each person in your group needs to research three articles or websites that pertain to the work your group is doing.  These can be “how to” articles or sites, information on your particular area…landscaping ideas, costume care, wood refinishing, etc. Each source must be printed out and included in your binder.

Summary of Articles: You need to write a summary of the articles. A half-page to a full page.


-Works Cited Page 20 Points DUE ___________

You need a work Cited to go with your three articles. Make sure these resources are cited appropriately in a MLA format. (Think Mrs. McGreevy’s Blue Sheet)


Professional Letters:          60 DUE ___________
  1. Since each group needs different things. Individually you will write two of these. You choose!
  2. Asking for Permission
  3. Donations
  4. Help


Personal Reflections 50 Points DUE ___________

This is an individual paper including the following:

-work completed


-individual groups vs. whole group



-your personal feelings on how this project affected you…what did you get out of it?

-must be two double-spaced pages in length (please put some thought into this section! This is what people will want to read in your exit interviews.)


Thank You Notes 30 Points          Due ___________

You will need to write thank you notes to those who donate to your project, financially or with their time. Keep a copy of what you send them. These need to be hand written and signed on Pomeroy High School cards available in the office. The photocopy will need to be in your binder. Individually, you will write, at least, two.


Google Slides or PPT:  100 Points DUE ___________

Presentations will be on a Google Slides or Power Point. You will need to include a section that includes information about your group’s project. (Sections 1 in your portfolio. However, I do not want to read your whole paper. Can you bullet the main parts?) On the other two sections you need to have before, during, and after pictures of the whole group activities (demolition, etc.) and of your group’s specific project.  Your pictures need to have captions. Your presentation should have a clear explanation of what your project was, why you chose it, and the benefits to the community.  These are individual presentations and should not be identical as you will present them at Senior Exit Interviews and they don’t want the same presentation multiple times.


Work Log 40 Points

Each day you are working on your Senior Project you need to write down and log what you have completed.  These logs are provided for you. It is your responsibility to complete these. Your group logs may not necessarily match. You need to log any correspondence you have had with businesses or people regarding projects.


Expense Log: 40 Points

Mrs. Wolf will give you this. Keep an accounting of any donations made to your project and receipts for purchases. Each student is required to log the money involved with this project. Even if it was a donation you need to log the item and the price.



Group Grade 100 Points

You and your group members will be giving each other a grade. This will be the average of all grades.


Notebook, 50 Points

Your notebook needs to have all items that were listed above.  They need to be by person and organized in an orderly fashion.  In order to get points added you need to have a final copy and your rough draft together. We will take these out right before Senior Exit Interviews.


Presentation 28 Points

These points are awarded from your Critique Sheet during Senior Exit Interviews.


Works Cited 20 Points

This needs to be included at the end of each notebook section. These should ALL be different.


Completed Project: 100 Points

Your Project needs to be completed neatly and on time.


Cover Page: Name of project and Members in the binder: 10 points


Confirmation you have completed your project! You will provide this with a phone call, letter, or email to Mrs. Wolf 10 Points


Important information you need!!


You may start your project this summer. In fact, I suggest completing your project this summer. If you are planning on doing so then ALL group members MUST meet with Mrs. Wolf before June 6, 2019.


All late projects will be docked 50% of the entire Senior Project Grade.


All Essays and writing will be graded on content, grammar, and spelling. When typing use Time New Roman and a 12-point font.


You need to pay special attention to detail and neatness in your portfolio as well as your electronic presentation.  Those conducting your senior exit interview are going to look through them. You need to present a finished product you and I will be proud of!



Everything is due completed on April ______, 2019.



Total Points ______________ /918