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PJSHS Counselor Corner

Jr. Sr. HS Counselor:  Fred R. Knebel

Mr. Fred R. Knebel, M.Ed. was born in Omaha, Nebraska.   He graduated from Mt. Baker High School (1983) in Deming, Washington.  He then graduated from Washington State University in 1988 with a B.A. in Special Education. He married a Pomeroy native, Kelly Hovrud (PHS grad 1985) in 1988. He taught in Chewelah, Washington (1988) for one year where he taught 9-12 resource room and coached 7-8 football, assisted Varsity Wrestling, and Varsity Girls Track.  In 1989, Mr. Knebel accepted a position with the Pomeroy School District where he taught resource room K-12 and coached J.V. football, and 7-8 Wrestling his first year.  He then coached Varsity Cross-Country for ten years. He also coached Varsity Wrestling at PHS for three years but he wanted to spend more time with his wife and their first son…therefore, it was a very tough decision to resign from coaching.  He received his Masters in School Counseling in June of 1992 from EWU.  He completed his Principal Internship and received his Administrator/Principal credentials from NNU in 1993, and became the Director of Special Services to present time. He taught at WSU as an Adjunct Professor in Special Education Law for three years (1999-2001).  He currently serves as the Assistant Administrator at the High School, Counselor, Director of Special Services, 6-8th Athletic Director, HS Wrestling and Track Athletic Director, Pole Vault Coach, Homeless liaison, 504 coordinator, Foster Care Liaison,  and Traffic Safety Education coordinator. In addition, he spent 25 years helping out with the HS wrestling team and the Lil’ Guys wrestling programs. He and Kelly have two sons, Tye (wife Kristina-who is the Dayton HS AG./FFA Teacher) and Tye is farming with grandparents Jerome and Diane Hovrud-(Marengo River Ranch) and Tory who recently earned his Doctorate degree from WSU in Pharmacy and is practicing in both Pomeroy and Dayton.  Please feel free to contact Mr. Knebel at home 509-843-1910, local cell number 509-566-7031 or work 509-843-1331 if you have any questions or concerns. 


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Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 3:35 PM -

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Pomeroy’s High School CODE for the 
SAT/ACT and college applications is 480 895



PHS Local Scholarships 2020

By Fred R. Knebel, M.Ed.

PHS Counselor


Alvin Landkammer: The committee will award up two $500 scholarships to students who are community-minded.  Homeschooled students are welcome to apply. Students will write a short essay describing their patriotic and community-oriented thoughts and activities, or describe someone they admire that does those kinds of activities and has made a difference in their lives. Students submitted a one page letter stating their intended field of study, educational goals, future plans, financial need and school and community activities as well as their grade transcript and two letters of recommendation.  Excellent examples of Garfield County community-oriented people are Alvin Landkammer and Johnny Capwell.


Bertha Schuster Bass Scholarship: This fund shall provide three (2) scholarships each year for graduating seniors from Pomeroy High School, each in the amount of $500.00.  The award committee considers to what purpose the money will be applied, school to be attended, grade average, community services, and cooperation and respect of peers and classmates.



Be the Community You Want to Have:  Cup of Hope and the Pomeroy Church of the Nazarene will provide one $350 scholarship to a student who has demonstrated a value and belief in school and community-oriented activities. Students wrote a letter describing their service-oriented activities, their educational or occupational plans, and their intent to be involved in service to others in the future. Students also submitted their transcript and two letters of recommendation.


Don McGee Memorial Fund: One $250 award will be given in memory of Don McGee, special education teacher and football coach at PHS for many years. Preference is given to graduates who have benefited from Special Education at Pomeroy Schools, and those who were involved in athletics at PHS, as a participant, statistician, or manager.  GPA is not a dominating factor.


The Eula Hastings Memorial  Scholarship. In memory of Eula Hastings, a long-time Garfield County resident, and a strong believer in providing education opportunities for women, will award an annual $5,000 scholarship to a graduating female senior. The graduate must be registered to attend either a 2 or 4 year accredited school or vocational institution to be eligible. A previous recipient may apply for this scholarship a second-time; however, preference will go to a current graduating senior. The award committee will consist of the school district’s business manager, senior class advisor and the high school principal. This committee will consider community service, career goals, financial need and academic performance. Special consideration will be given to applicants planning to pursue a career that is typically acquired by men. Applicants must submit an application letter that includes community service contributions, how this scholarship would benefit them, their financial need, and their career goals in their chosen field. In addition, a copy of their high school transcript will be required.



Garfield County Education Association (GCEA): The teachers of Pomeroy offer a $300 scholarship to a student pursuing a degree in education.  The award committee considers school and community activities, grade point average, and why the student decided to go in to education as award factors.


Pomeroy Community Center Health Watch: This organization will award a PHS Senior and or PHS Graduate one $500 scholarship.  The recipient must be going into the medical field: (i.e. nursing, physician, medical technician, pharmacy, or any other medical related field).  The award is based on promise in chosen field, transcript, two letters of recommendation, social adjustment, grade point average, need of individual for financial help, worthwhile community activities, and field of study going into and why.


Harold & Helen Shepherd Foundation for WWCC and WSU Students:

The Harold & Helen Shepherd Foundation will continue to offer scholarships for local residents as well as current college students attending WSU or  WWCC.  First priority is given to Garfield County residents. Any Pomeroy student, whether they be graduating seniors or older students, qualifies. The scholarships can be renewed up to three years with reapplication. WSU or WWCC make the determination if the candidate qualifies. The size of the award is based on need and additional qualifications.  Those interested need to contact the Financial Aid Office at WWCC or WSU.


Holy Rosary Altar Society: The Altar Society offers a $300 scholarship open to a graduating Senior Catholic boy or girl. The main consideration for determining the award of this scholarship is church and community involvement of the applicant, high school activities, the college the student plans to attend, as well as GPA and the student’s goals.


Holy Rosary Religious Education: A $150 scholarship will be awarded to a Catholic Senior boy or girl. It is awarded on the basis of participation in the CCD program and the Parish.


HUGS: This scholarship is provided by the Garfield County Hospital District’s Auxiliary HUGS group.  They offer one $500 scholarship to a county resident planning to continue education in the healthcare field. The eligibility criteria is as follows: current graduating senior of Pomeroy High School, those who graduated from Pomeroy High School and currently enrolled in college, or those who still reside in Garfield County.  Students wrote a one-page letter stating their intended field of study, educational goals, future plans, financial need, and listed school and community activities.  Transcripts and two letters of recommendation were also submitted.


John and Mildred Elsensohn:  Approximately two $500 scholarships will be given to a graduating high school girl and boy student of good character and high scholastic standing. The award shall be used for furthering the higher education of the recipients, preferably but not necessarily, in the fields of agriculture or home economics. Students submitted a letter of application that included their GPA, their intended field of study, and important school and community activities.


Knights of Columbus: One scholarship for $250 will be awarded to a Catholic senior based on need and how the applicant practices his/her Catholic faith.


Lawrence Slater Scholarship Fund: One $1800 scholarship will be awarded to a Pomeroy High School Senior as a memorial to Lawrence Slater who was a teacher and coach at Pomeroy High School 1946-1952, and who returned to Pomeroy in his retirement. The scholarship award is based on need for financial assistance, educational goals, significant high school or community activities, and leadership positions and/or employment toward those goals. 


Miller Family Trust Fund: This scholarship is funding one $2500 award (potential for renewal annually during 4 years of college) totaling $10,000.  The purpose of this scholarship is to honor and to give financial support to a graduating senior currently enrolled at Pomeroy High School who has shown strong intelligence, motivation to succeed, academic success, and community citizenship, and who will be attending a 4 year college or university. 


Mt. Misery Snow Drifters: Mt. Misery Snow Drifters are offering a $500.00 scholarship to a graduating senior.  The scholarships may be for $500, $250 or $125 depending on the number of quality applications. This award is offered to any PHS senior(s) who wishes to apply and is a resident of Garfield County or a member of Mt. Misery Snow Drifters.  The award is based on goals, aspirations, and plans for the future.  


P.E.O. Educational Award:  This nationally affiliated organization supports education for women in various ways through scholarships, loans, and by operation of a college. A $500 award will be given to a graduating senior girl who has enrolled in any school for training after high school graduation.  A transcript, two (2) letters of recommendations, and  a  letter of application that included educational goals, financial need, list important school and community activities, and any work experience showing responsibility was submitted. 


Pomeroy Chapter of Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington:  This chapter will provide one $800 scholarship to a graduating senior of PHS who is going to pursue further post-high school education in any chosen field.  It is not necessary to have family history in Garfield county or Washington State.  A family resume (genealogy), a statement concerning need for financial assistance, transcript, educational goals, significant high school or community activities and leadership positions and/or chosen field were submitted.


Pomeroy FFA Alumni:  The Pomeroy FFA Alumni offers several scholarships to Pomeroy graduating seniors and to Pomeroy FFA alumni members currently attending college.  A committee of alumni members makes the award selections.  Recipients will be announced at the FFA chapter awards night and again at graduation.  Finances for these scholarships come from the Janine Ledgerwood Memorial Fund, Alumni, John Herres scholarship, and from the money raising efforts of the alumni throughout the year.


Pomeroy Golf Club Association - Memorial Scholarship Fund: One $150 scholarship will be given to a graduating high school senior of good character and average scholastic standing. Such award shall be used for furthering the higher education of the recipient. Preference may be given, but it is not limited to, students who have participated in the Pomeroy Junior Golf program.  A letter of application that included GPA and intended field of study, financial need, and important school and community activities was submitted.  The selection committee will consist of one member from the men and women’s golf club, and the principal or counselor of Pomeroy High School. 


Pomeroy Gun Club Memorial:  A $350 scholarship will be awarded to a PHS senior.  This scholarship is awarded in memory of Jim Kresse, Gordon “Shorty” Burt, Ken Brenner, and Ron Crawford.  Applicants will be judged on community service, scholarship, activities, need, and future academic plans.  Preference may be given, but it is not limited, to students who have participated in the Pomeroy Junior shooting program.


Pomeroy Grain Growers:  The purpose of this scholarship(s) is to honor and give financial support to one or two graduating senior(s) currently enrolled at Pomeroy High School. The scholarship(s) may be for (1) $2000 or (2) $1000 depending on number of qualified applicants.  Preference will be given to a person going into an Ag related field of study, but students may be choosing to attend a junior college or university.  


Pomeroy Spinners is a community service group that organizes numerous community activities during the year and provides scholarships to multiple seniors each year ($1500-2500 generally). Our scholarship is not GPA or test score based. The scholarships will be awarded to individuals who have dedicated exceptional time and effort making an impact on their community. Supporting a variety of volunteer activities to serve others is important; however, not all volunteer hours will be treated the same toward our community service scholarship requirements. For this scholarship, we are seeking students who demonstrate continued effort and a commitment to transforming the community through their service to others in need.


Some of these activities can be explored in different ways to meet the community service requirement for this scholarship. Participating in community clean-up or improvement projects; Assisting the elderly (non-relatives); Helping your school or community obtain resources/ funding for activities or programs; raising funds through a student group to benefit an external non-profit (food drive, cards for Veterans, diaper drive, charity fundraisers, etc.); or Supporting a program at your house of worship that helps people of lesser means (not within their membership);


The following are examples of service which would be termed as “volunteer activities” not “community service”:

-Participating in religious-related activities that only benefit the congregation

-Raising funds for a student group or an organization of which you are a member (for the direct benefit of the group participants – trips, activities, events, etc.)

-Assisting with sporting events and sports camps


Volunteer work would be a consideration for the application however, community service is the most important. Students must submit a cover letter and resume that includes their community service effort (with hours) and volunteerism.


Robert F. and Genevieve L. DeVleming Endowment:  This scholarship is awarded to undergraduates attending Washington State University who have graduated from PHS.  Demonstrated need and/or demonstrated scholastic ability are considerations.  The amount varies from year to year. Interested students should contact WSU’s financial aid office.


The Community Scholarship: As a part of our Senior Project, Anna Dinsmore, Olivia Meyers & Byron Stallcop have set up the second annual meet-n-greet dinner to raise funds for a scholarship for a graduating senior(s).  The Senior(s) must attend the dinner (unless under an unusual circumstance) and have a board prepared about themselves to be displayed at the dinner.  The purpose of the dinner is to meet the community members that are donating to the scholarship.  This scholarship will be awarded to a very involved and community oriented student(s).  This is not GPA or test score based.  This is based off of community service hours as well as involvement within school/community events.  It is our goal that this event will continue within future years.  Recipient(s) must be enrolled to attend a post-high school educational institution in the fall of 2020.   This year, an undisclosed amount will be distributed.


Wenaha Game Association:  They are offering a $250 scholarship for a graduating senior.  The letter should relate community activities, school participation, and future education plans.  Preference will be given to a person going into forestry, wildlife or game management or related fields of study, but the scholarship is not limited to these fields.


Wes and Harly Ruchert Memorial:  Dye Seed Ranch is sponsoring a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior of Pomeroy High School in memory of Wes and Harly who were employed by Dye Seed Ranch.  Preference may be given to relatives of employees of Dye Seed Ranch.  This scholarship is designed for students pursuing a degree at a technical school, junior college, or university. 


The class of 2020 Local Scholarships are due April 10th, 2020




To graduate from high school in Washington, students must meet three requirements:

  • Earn high school credit (at least the minimum number required by your district);
  • Meet standard on State tests or meet other alternatives placed by the school district, and
  • Prepare a High School & Beyond Plan.




The High School & Beyond Plan is a collection of written documents that helps students set goals for the future and then take the steps needed to achieve those goals.

  • The student’s interests and abilities, and the relationship to his/her current career goals;
  • A four-year plan for courses taken during high school that is aligned to fulfill high school graduation requirements;
  • Identification of exams student needs to graduate from high school and for post-secondary goals (State assessments, ACT, SAT, etc);
  • Research on postsecondary programs related to the student’s goals;
  • A completed resume or activity log;
  • A budget for life after high school; and
  • Demonstration of preparedness through presentation of HSBP.



Financial Aid

Check out this video regarding financing your education: "Debt-Slapped

This program was produced by Consumer Education and Training Services (“CENTS”) with a grant from the Consumer Protection and Education Fund and assistance from the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions. The mission of this project is to empower students to understand the reason’s behind the student debt explosion and the urgent need to make wise decisions within that context. We want students to make decisions that provide him or her with more options, not take them away by taking on too much debt.


PAY FOR COLLEGE: The National College Finance Center is an incredibility helpful website. This site is geared towards helping you and your family create a realistic college financial plan. It will take you step by step through the entire process of understanding how to pay for college.


This section covers the following information: