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SIP Goals



2022/23 School Year Goals to Enhance Student Learning

The classroom teacher and support staff drive instruction for all students in the classroom. Pomeroy Elementary Staff have committed to focusing on the following goals for the 2022-2023 school year:


Goal 1: All staff will develop knowledge and understanding in the area of Dyslexia so students whom have challenges in the area of reading will be given the support needed to enhance academic growth.


Goal 2: All staff will gain an understanding of the RTI (Response to Intervention Process) and will be able to implement the process with fidelity.


Goal 3: All staff grades TK-6 will collaborate to align writing expectations and standards so students have a consistent understanding of the writing process throughout grade levels.


Specific tasks to achieve goals

Goal 1:           

  • Professional Development time will be dedicated to learning about dyslexia and the challenges this diagnosis brings to our students
  • Dedicate collaboration time to share struggles and strategies
  • Share literature with staff via email and during meetings
  • Implement the dyslexia screener in grades TK-6; dedicate time to review results and of the screening and what indicators students may be displaying



Goal 2:           

  • Provide professional development time for staff to review the policy and procedure for the RTI Process
  • Dedicate collaboration time to ensure students are being provided interventions that align with the RTI process
  • Schedule and conduct CARE team meetings to monitor students that are in the RTI process



Goal 3:   

  • Review standards for writing in grades TK-6
  • Identify what aspects of the writing process will be the focus for all grades to monitor
  • Collaborate amongst grade level bands to gain an understanding of each grade level standard