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Home Language Survey

*Please print and complete a copy of the attached Home Language Survey above for our records.


Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

Home Language Survey


The Home Language Survey is given to all students enrolling in Washington schools.

Student Name:



Parent/Guardian Name                                             Parent/Guardian Signature


Right to Translation and Interpretation Services

Indicate your language preference so we can provide an interpreter or translated documents, free of charge, when you need them.


All parents have the right to information about their child’s education in a language they understand.

1.    In what language(s) would your family prefer to communicate with the school?



Eligibility for Language Development Support

Information about the student’s language helps us identify students who qualify for support to develop the language skills necessary for success in school. Testing may be necessary to determine if language supports are needed.


2.    What language did your child learn first?



3.    What language does your child use the most at home?



4.    What is the primary language used in the home, regardless of the language spoken by your child?



5.    Has your child received English language development support in a previous school?  Yes___ No___ Don’t Know___



Prior Education


Your responses about your child’s birth country and previous education:

·   Give us information about the knowledge and skills your child is bringing to school.

·   May enable the school district to receive additional federal funding to provide support to your child.

This form is not used to identify students’ immigration status.

6.    In what country was your child born? ___________________

7.    Has your child ever received formal education outside of the United States?  (Kindergarten – 12th grade)    ____Yes   ____No

If yes: Number of months:  ______________
          Language of instruction:  ______________

8.    When did your child first attend a school in the United States?  (Kindergarten – 12th grade)  
Month           Day       Year



Thank you for providing the information needed on the Home Language Survey. Contact your school district if you have further questions about this form or about services available at your child’s school.  

Note to district: This form is available in multiple languages on A response that includes a language other than English to question #2 OR question #3 triggers English language proficiency placement testing. Responses to questions #1 or #4 of a language other than English could prompt further conversation with the family to ensure that #2 and #3 were clearly understood.  ”Formal education” in #7 does not include refugee camps or other unaccredited educational programs for children.

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