Immunization Requirements



ALL students are required to be up to date on the required immunizations for their age, along with a medical office copy of the immunizations before or on the first day of school. Washington State is not allowing any exceptions for this, so please ensure your child is up to date before school starts or they will NOT be able to attend school until they are completely up to date with the required vaccines. Requirements can be found at:


If your child has been vaccinated out of state, such as in Idaho, you need to have the provider provide you with a copy of the medical record or have it faxed to Garfield County Health District at 509-843-1935. Garfield County Health District cannot accept the parent card any more.


If your child will need to be given meds during the school day, or have any dietary issues, these forms need to be completed as soon as possible. The school offices will be open starting August 16th from 8:30-3:00, or you can stop in at the Health District during normal business hours.  Meds cannot be dispersed unless a doctor’s RX form has been completed.


In addition, if your child requires an Epi pen, or has had an Epi Pen previously they need a new order, a pen and a parent must sign the permission part at the bottom of the form. If the student is no longer in need of  an Epi pen the district will need a note from the provider indicating this.



Garfield County Health District

Pomeroy School District