Sexual Health Curriculum up for Review and Adoption

Pomeroy School District is currently reviewing prevention curriculum that will enable our district to meet the new requirements of Senate Bill 5395--Comprehensive Sexual Health Education. The prevention curriculum that is being reviewed for adoption follows the best practice “Principles of Effective Prevention Programs” (Nation et al., 2005). If adopted, the curriculum will be taught by prevention specialists from the Community Sexual Assault Program of Quality Behavior Health. This curriculum is designed to provide students with age-appropriate, comprehensive prevention skills.

This curriculum consists of six sessions. Three sessions would be taught at the sixth grade level and three sessions would be taught at the seventh grade level. All curriculums will be catered to age-appropriate levels. The curriculum consists of the following sessions:

Session 1: Define Sexual Assault, Set Goals and Ground Rules

Session 2: Sexting and the Law

Session 3: Gender Roles and Expectations, Gender Identify and LGBTQI+Education

Session 4: Healthy Relationships and Consent

Session 5: Bystander Intervention

Session 6: Pillars of Character & Graduation


Parents and community members are invited to also review the curriculum and share any thoughts or concerns. Copies of the curriculum presentation can be sent electronically, or can be reviewed at the high school office starting Wednesday, May 19th to Tuesday, June 8th from 9:00AM-3:00 PM. If you would like to have an electronic copy, please email Amy Miller at

If you have any other questions about the curriculum, please contact Heather Cochrell of the Community Sexual Assault Program at (509)-769-2050.


It is important to remember that school districts are required to offer lessons that address the topics stated above in accordance to SB 5395. It is also important to remember that parents can opt their student out of the entire curriculum, or parts of the curriculum.


Thank you,


Rachel Gwinn

Pomeroy School District Superintendent