February 2021 Student of the Month

Allyson Shaffer


Pride: Allyson is helpful. She is positive in our school. She is very helpful to students and tries to talk to students in the hallways. She is showing pride in her school by going out for Cross Country and working hard.


Independence: We can see her working hard and trying her best. She wants to make sure she does things accurately. She takes responsibility for herself.


Respect: Allyson is very kind sweet, helpful. If she sees someone who needs help, she will try her hardest to make things easier or better for him or her.


Attitude: She is a very positive person. She can have a little Sass, but she is always positive and caring of others. She is always trying to look at the positive side.


Trustworthy: If someone tells her something, you can trust her to not spread rumors. You can trust her to keep things private. If you ask her to do something, she will be honest and do it well. She will give you her honest opinion. You can trust her to be fair.


Effort: She tries her hardest in Cross Country. She is always trying hard to do well.


Show Kindness: She will be walking down the hall and will be making people laugh and smile. She helps others. She talks to everyone not just her friends. She is a very kind person.


Nominated by Mrs. Wolf’s 7th Grade Class