January 2021 Student of the Month

Nayely Larios

Pride:  Nayely works hard in class and has improved her work ethic since I had her in class as a freshman.  Now a junior, Nayely takes great pride in how she completes each and every assignment, quiz, or test.


Independence:  Nayely works diligently by herself, but she also knows when she needs to ask questions to clarify or seek understanding.


Respect:  Nayely has always been respectful in class, and she interacts positively with her peers.


Attitude:  Nayely never “gets down,” even when the tasks are challenging or difficult.  She doesn’t complain about assignments making her work to achieve. 


Trustworthy:  I believe if I were to ask Nayely to do something for me, she would do it to her best ability.


Effort:  Frequently at the top of my class, Nayely always gives her best effort.


Show Kindness:  Nayely is a kind person, and it seems natural for her to be kind to everyone in class.   I appreciate her willingness to help others who are still seeking to understand the material in her kind way.


Submitted by:  Toddette McGreevy