March 2021 Student of the Month

Tomi Scharnhorst


Pride: She shows pride in herself and her school by being very positive. She is a quiet leader in the Senior Class. Right now, she is working hard on the Yearbook. You can see how prideful she is of her work by how hard she is working.


Independence: She is showing tremendous independence while working on the yearbook. She needs to meet with students during my class. She comes in, explains what she needs, and sets appointments. She is independent on her assignments always doing a great job.


Respect: She shows respect by being kind and caring to all. Even when she is disagreeing with someone, she is respectful.


Attitude: Tomi has a very upbeat and positive attitude. Her attitude often rubs off on her classmates.


Trustworthy: You can count on Tomi anytime you need her. I have never had an experience where she has broken my trust. She is very trustworthy while doing her yearbook work.


Effort: With all that Tomi does, she is always working hard. She researches and puts forth extra effort often on her schoolwork. With her Senior Project and the Yearbook, she is striving to work very hard and do well.


Show Kindness: Tomi shows kindness by being kind to all. She will work with anyone and have a positive attitude. You can see her being kind to people all around the school and the community.