Athletic "Summer Session" for Pomeroy Jr./Sr. High Athletes

PHS Athletics was given School Board approval at the meeting held 9/28/20 to move forward with the WIAA approved open coaching session that runs 9/28 through 11/1/2020 for grades 6th-12th. This is essentially an extended “Summer Session” where all coaches can have access to their athletes. Summer session is typically an extension of the previous school year and paperwork, ASB purchase is already completed, and only those physicals that expire before August 1, are required to be updated. For this different time period, updated paperwork including physicals and new ASB purchases must be made because it is a new school year.


Summer session is NOT a requirement for ANY ATHLETE. It is an opportunity to practice with teams and coaches. No athlete will be penalized in any way for missing any practice time. This is also not a NEW opportunity; it is just a different time frame.


Junior High and High school students were informed almost daily since the first day of school that some form of athletic activity would be coming as soon as September 21st and all paperwork, physicals and ASB purchases would need to be completed before participation. All athletes and parents were informed in the back to school letter posted on Facebook on August 17th as well as published in the East Washingtonian that week that PHS Athletics was trying to work on fall athletics. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to work through all of the changes, challenges, obstacles and opportunities during this pandemic.