School Meals Free for all Children ages 1-18

Free Meals for Kids:


Pomeroy School District meals are FREE for ALL children ages 1-18. Last week, the USDA announced that they are extending COVID emergency feeding through December 2020. This is for all children in our area. Children do not have to be enrolled in Pomeroy School District to receive meals. If your children are not enrolled, or if they are “distance learning” through the District, and you are interested in getting meals for them please call Lynette Cochran at 509-843-1331 to make arrangements. Those meals will be available for pick up, multiple meals at a time, on Mondays and Thursdays.


We are thankful to be able to serve our community. Please contact Joanne Pederson at 509-843-1331 or [email protected] with questions about the program.


We urge households to fill out Free and Reduced-Price Meal Applications for this school year, even though all meals are free for now. Free and Reduced numbers can make our district eligibility for various benefits.