Pomeroy Jr/Sr High School Grading Framework During Covid-19 School Closure

Pomeroy Jr/Sr High School used the guidance from OSPI for grading on April 21st to develop the framework shown in the attached file. This framework ensures equity, access, and individual student/family circumstances when considering final grade assignment for 7th – 12th grade students. This framework helps us work to ensure that all students remain engaged and progressing with their learning during closure. We will continue to work with students as barriers come up that prevent the full participation in classes.

Students enrolled in CiHS courses (AP Stats, Pre-Calc, Calc, College English, Advanced Biology, and Chemistry) your grade submitted to WWCC or LCSC will reflect the grade earned during 2nd semester that shows your completion of required standards (including work after March 13th). Students enrolled in Bridges English and 12th Bridges Math you are required to complete all required work to achieve the agreement between the State and Community Colleges in Washington State.

All Incompletes will be revisited on August 1st to identify a plan of action for Student to make sure credit recovery is completed prior to the 2020-2021 school year.