Special Education Services / Traffic Safety Education

Parents/Guardians of Special Education Students in the Pomeroy School District

Here is some information and guidance regarding special education services and programs during the closure. Pomeroy School District is not providing any educational opportunities (other than packets) during the closure due to the fact that we cannot ensure equity for all students during this time.   If anyone wants information regarding related services, please contact the PSD Special Education Director, Fred R. Knebel at [email protected], 509.566.7031 local cell, or at PHS 509.843.1331.


Traffic Safety Education

Packets will be available starting Wednesday March 18th at 1PM until 3PM.  Driving will resume when school reopens.  Work on your modules that are in your notebooks-all of them.  Any amount that students have already paid will be honored for the completion of this course or for future course.  You will get your driver’s license!!


Counselor’s Corner

Seniors, please turn in your Local Scholarships by April 30th, 2020…YES, I have extended the due date.  If you finish prior to due date, you may drop off at the drop box in front of school on weekdays between 9am – 2pm.

Parents and Students,

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding ‘the rest of the school year’ or anything else regarding the mental health of your child, please let me know. I will be at the school every day (unless I am not allowed to be here) with the exception of the week of March 30th –April 3rd (our regularly scheduled Spring Break) and will be available to speak with students over the phone. However, should you need my assistance at any other time, please contact me at [email protected]. Or 509-566-7031-cell, and/or 509-843-1331 PHS.

Please know that we are thinking about all of our students and look forward to resuming our regular schedules. Take care of yourselves, stay healthy, and strive to learn new things each day!  ~Mr. Knebel