School Enrichment Materials/Missing Assignments

On Wednesday, March 18th from 1pm – 3pm our foyer will be open for students or parents to come pick up enrichment materials.  Packets and resources have been made up for students and families to use during this time to maintain knowledge and understanding in classes.  We will be very cautious during our distribution and ask that students come prepared with a list of classes and remain outside the building until called in one person at a time, please remember to maintain social distancing outside of our building.

Each teacher will determine how often students will need to pick up packets.  Some packets have been created with a week of work and others include material for five weeks.  This will be communicated in a letter sent home and via Facebook each week.  Teacher can always be reached by email with any questions, and a list of all teacher emails and websites will be provide. 

On March 20th we will be ending the 3rd quarter and any students who have missing or late work need to bring work to the front of the school prior to 3pm on Friday, March 20th.  Students can also email teachers to get permission to send missing work via photo or scan documents.  We want to provide our students the opportunity to make sure ALL work for 3rd quarter is completed prior to grades being sent home March 25th.

Pomeroy Jr/Sr High School will continue to support and enhance our students learning during this difficult, confusing, and uncertain times as we best can.  As our staff works to navigate and learn daily what support we can provide our students we want to make sure to keep lines of communication open, and ask that you call or email teachers and staff with questions or thoughts during this time.  We know this is a very overwhelming time for students and families and we want to make sure that we continue to support you and your student in the best way we can!