Community Service

PHS prides itself on teaching our students the power of giving back and we ask that all students 9-12 complete community service during the school year.  We have been put into an unprecedented situation with the closing of school until April 24th.  During this time, it is important for people to help and assist each other in ways that can be done with safe social distances.  PHS students who are able to volunteer their time during these 6 weeks please do so and document all of your time.  I will approve babysitting for those who will be helping provide care to families of need who now have school age children at home.  Hours will be approved for non-paid service only.  I would also hope that we all find ways to provide service to those who need assistance during this while maintaining recommended social distance. 

Students that use their time to serve others above the required hours in the next 6 weeks I am working on something special for you.  Thank you for all working together to provide help during this time and making us Pirate Proud!