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Prevention/Intervention Specialist

Prevention/Intervention Specialist
Pomeroy Jr/Sr High School
Responsible for implementing comprehensive student assistance programs in Pomeroy School District that address problems associated with substance abuse.
A. Provides early alcohol/drug prevention and intervention services to students and their families including substance use screenings and referral information.
B. Provides training to teachers, counselors, community youth workers, parents, students, school administrators as part of the ESD 123.
C. Participates as a member of the Student Assistance Team at the school(s) assigned and assists in developing, maintaining, and/or enhancing an internal “identification, intervention & referral process” for school staff.
D. Implement Project Success, an evidence based program, with fidelity.
E. Facilitates school-based insight, children of alcohol/drug abuse, recovery support groups and substance abuse education groups to students along with individual support for students in need.
F. Provides staff development training in alcohol and other drug abuse issues including prevention, intervention, recovery, and student assistance programming.
G. Provides alcohol and other drug awareness and prevention programs for staff, students, parents, and community.
H. Develops youth prevention/empowerment clubs that focus on substance abuse and violence prevention.
I. Implements and maintains methods of program evaluation and review including primary prevention, secondary prevention and intervention, and student recovery and reintegration programs.
J. Assists in referrals to treatment and provides support to students transitioning back to school from chemical dependency treatment programs, expulsions and suspensions that are directly related to alcohol/drug and violence issues.
K. Maintains program records and files, compiles data and prepares reports as needed to comply with funding requirements. Is responsible for entering data on the LGAN website, submitting pre-post test program surveys to supervisor for use in evaluation.
L. Assists in supporting the development and/or enhancement of alcohol and other drug related policies and procedures in school districts when requested.
O. Other duties as assigned.

A. Certified by Washington State Department of Health, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, as a Chemical Dependency Professional (prefer two years experience working as a school-based substance abuse intervention specialist) RCW 28A.170.090; or
B. ESA school counselor, certified school psychologist, or school social worker with a minimum of 20 credit hours in substance abuse education RCW 28A.170.090, or;
C. DSHS qualified mental health counselor or;
D. BA in Criminal Justice, Social Work, Psychology, or Education and the ability to obtain Certified Prevention Specialist credentials within one year of hire based on approved professional development plan by supervisor and approval of plan by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, RCW 28A.170.090
E. Must maintain current certification, registration, and/or licensure and training requirements as required by governing body to maintain employment.
F. Minimum 1 year of experience working with adolescents.
G. Demonstrated case management / record keeping skills.
H. Demonstrated knowledge of alcohol / drug abuse federal confidentiality laws.
I. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of substance abuse assessment, intervention, treatment, and recovery process for adolescents and families.
J. Demonstrated knowledge of violence as it relates to bullying and harassment.
K. Demonstrated verbal and written skills.
L. Willingness to take direction from supervisors and understand ESD policies and procedures related to employee responsibilities.
M. Ability to work successfully as an ESD team member by contributing to the ESD Strategic Plan, including supporting agency initiatives and sponsored events.

Requires knowledge of:
▪ Demonstrated knowledge and experience in school based student assistance programs.
▪ Demonstrated ability to work successfully with students and parents and community.
▪ Demonstrated ability to work successfully with school staff, including teachers, administrators and non-classified staff.
▪ Understanding of Washington Learning Goals and school systems.

▪ Proactive self-starter. A strong sense of taking initiative moving forward without waiting to be told what to do and how to do it.
▪ Flexible and can thrive in a fast paced environment where you may have to wear several hats.
▪ Possess confidence while being humble – lack excessive ego or concern about status. Willing to share credit, emphasize team over self and define success collectively rather than individually.
▪ Hungry – always looking for more. More things to do, learn, and take responsibility for. Constantly thinking about the next step or opportunity.
▪ Smart – have common sense about people. Good judgement and intuition around the subtleties of group dynamics and the impact of your words and actions.

68 days $26.90/hr
Contact Dana Camarena
Phone: (509) 843-3393
PO Box 950, Pomeroy, WA 99347