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Charge Policy

Pomeroy School District

Food Services Department 2020-2021


Breakfast and Lunch Charge Policy


In order to comply with federal and state regulations, Pomeroy School District has established a written Breakfast and Lunch Charge Policy. This policy can also be accessed on


Parents/Guardians are obligated to provide meals for their children. In the event that parents/guardians are unable to provide daily meals they are encouraged to apply for Free and Reduced-Price Meals. Parents/Guardians who can provide daily meals are also encouraged to apply for the National Meal Program. Pomeroy School District contact person regarding applications for the National Meal Program is Joanne Pederson at 509-843-1331. Applications may be picked up and returned to either the Elementary School Office (509-843-1651) or the Jr/Sr High School Office (509-843-1331).


Communications from a school or school district about amounts owed for meals previously served to a student under the age of fifteen may only be directed to a student’s parent/guardian. Pomeroy School District will make reasonable efforts to notify households about charges prior to balances reaching negative $12.00. Communication of negative balances will be made via Skyward, mailed letters, notices sent home with students in envelopes addressed to parents/guardians, phone calls and/or e-mails to parents/guardians. Negative balance messages may be left on home phones or cell phones of parents/guardians.


Parents/Guardians may view food service purchases, payments, and account balances for their children on Skyward Family Access. E-mail alerts notifying of negative balances may be set up on Skyward Family Access, too. To learn how to use Skyward Family Access, contact the building secretary of either school.


If a student has not paid for five or more previous meals, the school will:

(1) Determine if the student is categorically eligible for free meals;

(2) Make no fewer than two attempts to contact the student’s parent/guardian to have him or her submit an application; and

(3) Have a designated school official contact the parent/guardian to set up a meeting to:

(a) Offer assistance with completing an application to determine the student’s eligibility for free or reduced-price meals;

(b) Determine whether there are any household issues that may prevent the student from having sufficient funds for school meals; and

(c) Develop a plan to pay off excessive charges.


Cases of continued neglect may be referred to a collection agency if the family does not meet with the designated school official to make arrangements to repay. It is very important that every student has a meal and that our program complies with regulations.


Refund Policy

Refunds are made available to household of students moving from the district, graduating, or changing from full or reduced-price meals to free meals. Balances of less than $5.00 will not be refunded. Refunds will be paid by school district warrant.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.