Service Worksheets


Community service provides an important opportunity for civic engagement.  It is an integral part of a well-rounded education.  Through civic engagement, students are provided an opportunity to learn from community members and organizations that support the community.  Students in grade 9-10 are required to serve 10 hours each year, and students in grade 11-12 are required to serve 20 hours each year.  A student who attends Pomeroy High School 9th – 12th grade will serve 60 total hours of community service.  Students are required to turn in hours within 30 days of serving and must serve in the community of Pomeroy for non-family members and opportunities that have been approved by the administration or benefit the community as a whole.  If a student would like to acquire community service hours outside of the Pomeroy Community, they must discuss with Administration prior to completing the hours to request permission and must have information on the organization they will be serving.  Organizations or individuals in the community may make students aware of community service opportunities by contacting the high school office in advance.  These interactions prepare students to become active citizens.  Both the community and the student benefit as the student learns to serve others as well as how community members and organizations serve and support students while in the school system.

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