Pomeroy Jr/Sr High School

HS1090 Pataha Street
PO Box 950
Pomeroy WA 99347-0950
Tel: 509 843 1331
Fax: 509 843 8245

Principal: Mrs. Amy Miller
Secretary: Mrs. Del McKinley



Principal's Message

Message from Mrs. Miller:

Welcome to Pomeroy Jr/Sr High School, home of the Pirates and students grades 7 through 12. As you walk our halls you will be able to feel the family environment that we have created. Our students and staff treat each other with respect and have high expectations for each other. Students are expected to complete the tasks set before them without questions or hesitation. When students perform to these expectations Pomeroy Jr/Sr High School is a rewarding enjoyable place to be. Perform to the best of your ability by completing work, following directions and treating others with respect, and we, the staff, will prepare you for success in whatever endeavors you choose. I am ecstatic about the opportunity to be the principal of Pomeroy Jr/Sr High School and serve the students, teachers, parents, and Pomeroy citizens. Welcome to Pomeroy and go Pirates!


For 7-12 List of Supplies Click Here (pdf)

For the 2018-19 School Improvement Plan click here (pdf)